Love your dog, but don't love how he or she behaves? Exercise can help remedy a number of dog behavior problems, from hyperactivity to destructiveness and anxiety issues. Lucky Mutt offers a bunch of options to help give your dog the activity they need to be calmer, happier household pets. Whether your dog would rather runhike, or simply stroll around the neighborhood, Lucky Mutt has years of experience helping dogs hit their stride.

All services are available in standard time increments of 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120-minutes, but longer or shorter sessions are happily arranged.

Work have you on the road? Are you dying to get away for the weekend to recharge your batteries? Lucky Mutt also offers in-home dog sitting that allows your dog to stay in the comfort of your home and to avoid the stress of kennels while allowing you to feel comfortable knowing a professional is providing your dog with exercise, attention, food, and, of course, lots of love. In-home dog sitting includes a 10 p.m.-7 a.m. sleep-over with your dog, plus a 30-minute walk mid-day.

30-minute session: $15
60-minute session: $25
90-minute session: $35
120-minute session: $40

Lucky Mutt also offers 3-hour long hikes in the area's state parks. Your dog will love the extra exercise, and the change of scenery! $50

In-home dog sitting: $50/night

Got more than one dog? It's only $5 more per session per additional dog!

Lucky Mutt provides several discounts for local residents.
*Military/student discount: Does military service or long hours studying at the library keep you from spending as much time with your dog as you would like? Lucky Mutt gives a 10% discount on all services.
**Adopted dog discount (NEW!): Lucky Mutt loves to see local homeless dogs finding their forever homes. If you have adopted your dog from any of the area's shelters or rescue organizations, Lucky Mutt offers a 10% discount.