Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lucky Mutt is ready for the winter!

Contrary to popular belief, the winter can be a great time to get your dogs plenty of exercise. While it is important to consider your pup's physical condition (such as their size, endurance, and so forth), there are tons of great activities for them when the weather gets chilly. Hiking, running, and longer walks are easier now that the summer heat, which keeps many dogs indoors, is a thing of the past. I like to be creative, though! Does your dog like to play fetch? Snowballs make an interesting new tennis ball for them (just make sure it's only snow--no rocks or sticks in it)! Does he or she have a nose like Sherlock Holmes? Winter offers lots of great opportunities to practice tracking, a kind of hide-and-seek that provides both a physical and mental workout.

What if the weather outside is truly frightful? There are also lots of great indoor activities that help your dog shake off cabin fever: agility, stairs, brain teaser toys, and obedience lessons are all great options! The Manhattan area is especially lucky to have great trainers and facilities such at Mutt School and Emerald City Canine Agility available!

And don't forget! The Lucky Mutt mobile makes it out and around town in all but the very worst weather!

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